Eyebrow / Eyelash Treatment Consent & Waiver

    Services Receiving (please check all that apply):
    Have you ever had your lashes and/or brows tinted or have you ever had lash lift/lash curl?
    If yes, when?
    Have you ever had an adverse reaction to hair colour, tinting products, perm products or lift products?
    If yes, please explain.
    Do you wear contacts (if yes, please remove them for treatment)?
    Have you undergone any recent eye surgery (treatment will need to be postponed if any eye surgery has been performed in the last 6 months)?
    If yes, when?
    Do you have any eye conditions or injury?
    If yes, please explain.
    Please list any medication you are using:
    Are you allergic to latex or rubber?
    Do you have any intolerance or allergies to (check all that apply):
    If any checked, please explain.
    Please check all that apply to you: