HQ Man

services for him
cut 18+starting at $25
cut 13 - 17starting at $16
cut under 12starting at $16
colourpricing by consultation
scalp treatment$75
scalp treatment add-on$45
permanent wavesstarting at $165
kerastase treatment$15-35
Beard Trim$20
Neck Trim$20
Hot Shave$47
OrMedic Facial$116
Signature Facial$116
Max Facial$116
Acne Facial$116
Illuma Facial$116
Express Manicure$33
Metro Manicure$46
Paraffin Treatment Add-On$20
Express Pedicure$55
Power Pedicure$78
Toe Nail Trim$30
Exfoliating Body Polish$95
Rejuvenating Body Wrap$146
Back Facial$81
Raindrop Therapy$105
Hot Stone$135
Indian Head Massage
Body Exfoliation Add-On$40
Cupping Add-on$25
Raindrop Therapy Add-on$55
Back or Chest$59
Mr. Refined$110
The Tune-Up$150
Every HQ Clinical Facial and Lift includes a complimentary Post Treatment Kit valued from $32-$42.
Microdermabrasion Facial$166 (buy 4 get 2 free)
Microdermabrasion Treatment$131 (buy 4 get 2 free)
O2 Lift$141 (buy 4 get 2 free)
OrMedic Lift$136 (buy 4 get 2 free)
Signature Lift$136 (buy 4 get 2 free)
Lightening Lift$136 (buy 4 get 2 free)
Acne Lift$136 (buy 4 get 2 free)
Perfection Lift$221 (buy 4 get 2 free)